owd-2016At first I want to give SURF and Kennisnet a big compliment for organizing this three-day event; a real party for the 1500 visitors. I was lucky to be one of them. In order to practice what  keynote Tony Crabbe preached I focus by reporting  the five things that matter the most to me and accordingly I like to share with you (some resources are in Dutch).

Rewarding Game Changers
This year, a teacher (Farshida Zafar), a director Anka Mulder and ICT profecgssional (Jan Haarhuis, quite right in my view given his merit for the Utrecht University with the thoughtful Educate-it program) were put in the spotlight. One advise forSURF for next year, let the public vote (via your website) instead of using a small size jury.

Justified attention for Open Online learning
As minister Jet Bussemaker emphasis; we need more customized learning content in order to fit the needs of the individual learner. Doubling the budget in 2018 (into 2mln euro) of the Open Online Learning incentive will help, but the nireal challenge when it comes to the aimed collaboration lies in the overcoming of our well spread not invented here syndrome….

Customization of teacher professionwalization
I was glad to present the ways in which we give meaning to this theme in our institutions together with my co-chair of the SURF Special Interest Group Blended Learning, Bianca van Aalst (TU Eindhoven) and Marloes Klumpers (Saxion) for a packed house. The extent to which we succeed to use learning technology successful depends strongly on the extent to which we are able to facilitate teachers in proper ways when it comes to advice and support. In addition we can distinguish several other important factors, I mention header_logosome in my blogpost of the recently held Blended Learning 2016 conference.

Learning Analytics for student support
I strongly believe in the added value of Learning Analytics for staff and researchers, especially to increase our consciousness of the power of Blended Learning regarding differentiation. See for example the Differentiation through Blended Learning and Learning Analytics project (part of the earlier mentioned Educate-it program) of prof. H.V.M. van Rijen. Beside I see great potential in the application of Learning Analytics aimed at directly student support. However it is still early days I truly believe in concepts of LearnLytics, using xapi and learning record stores it is able to achieve this goal. A big hurray for Johan Jeuring (Utrecht University) and his students, who provide a clear overview to them with LearnLytics about misconceptions and specific parts of content they do not yet control.

Choice and time are yours
Often people complain to be so busy, in extension this attitude undermines not only happiness but also the ability to benefit of innovations like learning technologies, resulting in harmful deficit for both themselves and their students. The request for having more time as a solution to overcome this is status quo is overestimated and in fact a delusion, as confirmed by the final keynote otcf Tony Crabbe. Close your mailbox after updating, reduce the time you spent on your smartphone and focus on and do the things you really want to achieve. Now you did some magic you didn’t have any excuse left to benefit from innovations, taking small but steady steps or it’s time, time to quit your job…

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